Farewell to American Idol

Back in the height of American Idol‘s success, I used to try to predict the outcomes of each season. Once the finalists got down to the top ten, I’d list each one in the order of how I felt they’d be ousted, based not only by what I thought, but by what everyone else was saying. And I have to say, barring any surprise Sanjaya’s, I didn’t do a terrible job at it. In season 6, when Jordan Sparks won, I had the top 4 picked perfectly; and in season 7, I had David Cook over David Archuleta the whole time. But over the last few years, aside from Philip Phillips, I just haven’t been all that excited by many of the contestants (if any), so I stopped trying to predict the outcomes. Well, now that Idol is in its last and farewell season, I thought I’d take one last spin through the prediction whirlwind and see if my prognostication skills are still in tune with the general public’s.

Lee Jean and Gianna Isabella

#10/9 – Gianna Isabella and Lee Jean
I’m sorry to say, but these two just aren’t ready for the limelight. Their inexperience and youth really showed through in their performances last week, leaving them to be swallowed up by their competition.

MacKenzie Bourg

#8 – MacKenzie Bourg
He’s a multi-talented kid with a great future in front of him as both a singer and songwriter, but he has to mature just a little more before he’s able to truly compete with the big dogs.

Avalon Young

#7 – Avalon Young
This may just be a me, but I’ve just never felt Avalon connected well with the audience. Her laid back style and tomboyish charm are overrun by a lack of genuine emotion, which should send her home early.

Trent Harmon

#6 – Trent Harmon
Unlike the other three judges saves, Trent is the one they missed the mark on. He’s good, but he seems a little too reserved, which may leave the public bored — unless he’s able to pick it up and really start to commit to his vocals and performances.

Sonika Vaid

#5 – Sonika Vaid
What she was able to do following La’Porsha’s performance last week was outstanding. More performances like this will definitely propel her into the top five. Unfortunately, that’s where she’ll putter out.

Tristan McIntosh

#4 – Tristan McIntosh
Many think she’s far too young and inexperienced, but the country fans out there who have propelled many artists through the competition, should keep her around long enough for her voice to mature and make her the dark horse of the competition.

Olivia Rox

#3 – Olivia Rox
She’s cute, she’s fun and she’s got a stellar voice. But like season ten’s Haley Reinhart, there are two singers that will keep her out of the finale.

La’Porsha Renae

#2 – La’Porsha Renae
I know a lot of people are going to lambaste me for this, but La’Porsha isn’t going to win this season of American Idol. There’s no mistaking her powerful voice and strong stage presence, but she’ll shy just short of the big prize.

Dalton Rapattoni

#1 – Dalton Rapattoni
Dalton may not have the best vocals at times, but if I were to define what an American idol was, Dalton Rapattoni would fit that description to a T. He’s got the looks, the charisma, the stage presence, and yes, when he’s on fire, his vocals will knock you out.

So there you have it — my predictions for how this season of American Idol will go. What do you think? Did I miss the mark on anyone? Is there something I’m not seeing in your favorite singer? How would you rank this year’s top ten?

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  1. I’ve only watched a few episodes over the years, and I did recently, and just….it seems too contrived, and too focused on the singers personal life… like I know people are nosy and want to know, but maybe if they focused more on the singing ….and made it a little more serious..instead of the people bringing their newborn babies to audition and whatnot…just my opinion

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