Bill Nye, the Dancing Guy

That’s right. Bill Nye, the Science Guy is back! He will be joining a shockingly decent cast on the next installment of Dancing With the Stars, which includes Leah “King of Queens” Remini, Elizabeth “I’m so excited” Berkley, and long-time TV vet Valarie Harper (who it seems was diagnosed earlier this year with terminal brain cancer, so to Valerie, her friends and family, our hearts go out to you! Stay strong and positive!). Over the past few installments, the show seemed to be scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find their so-called “stars,” and though most of the names on this season’s list still aren’t A-listers, at least most of them, if not all of them, have clear name recognition. You may not like them and some of them may not have been around for awhile, but at least you know their names, and for Dancing With the Stars, that’s a step up (even if they did choose to add Snooki to the list… do we really need more of her on our TV screens?). Corbin “High School Musical” Bleu may have a slight edge right now on paper, however, I believe this cast will give him a run for his money. And though I’ve never watched this show (and don’t plan to break that streak any time soon), my particular favorite of the bunch is probably Bill “Here’s Your Sign” Engvall (who should also bring a lot of good laughs to the show), though I’d have to say that it’s Bill Nye, the Science Guy (love saying that name!) that I hope takes home the trophy.


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