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Chaos Breeds Chaos 2020 Television Awards – Part 3

And now, please enjoy Part 3 of this year’s television awards. (Check out Part 1 and Part 2.)

This season’s most noticeable trend: COVID-19 Finale Alterations

The Blacklist — NBC

Though a lot of shows weren’t impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown (as filming had already been completed on all episodes), many shows had to shorten their seasons anywhere from one to five episodes, depending on their production schedule. While most of these shows, especially sitcoms and procedurals, had the luxury of simply ending their seasons early (without major cliffhangers to satisfy us until next season), some had to change or alter their story arcs to condense the season accordingly, leading to mixed results. The Blacklist had to complete what would end up being their finale with animation that in many ways distracted from what was actually happening (I would like to see them finish this episode once production starts again and then re-air it as it was meant to be seen); New Amsterdam completely removed an episode that introduced a new character due to the nature of the content (which they say will be aired eventually… we’ll see; at least The Resident didn’t shy away from their virus-themed episodes); Prodigal Son condensed a few of their storylines to make sure they could get the finale they wanted and did a fantastic job in delivering the finale they intended without losing any of the show’s integrity; and Supergirl, somehow pulled off a win by throwing some of the footage it filmed for its final episode into episode 19, which then served as its season finale.

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Is it just me…

…or was the cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” performed by six ousted contestants on The Voice finale one excruciating experience to sit through? I mean, I wanted to start fast-forwarding before the first chorus hit, but I was hoping it might get better. I’m sorry to say, it didn’t. (It just made me want to run and listen to the real thing.)

It’s just one example of why this was such a lackluster season, as there was no one to really root for. None of the voices this year—and that includes the final three—were any more than mediocre at best. Unlike Jeff Gutt over on The X Factor (now there’s someone to keep your eye on), this crop of contestants had no (authentic) fire in them whatsoever; they all seemed to be trying too hard to be great, and in turn, failed at being genuine (except maybe for Will when he sang “(Everything I do) I Do It For You” to his wife and daughter on Monday… now there was true sincerity).

At least we can look forward to having Usher and Shakira back between the sexiest man alive and the southern goofball when The Voice returns in February.

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