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IndieBook Review – Shizzle, Inc.


Shizzle, Inc. — A Novel by Ana Spoke

Comedy is subjective. Like snowflakes, no one sense of humor is the same; everyone has their own personal humor thermometer. In essence, you’re either a Simpson or a Griffin; a Murray or a Carrey; a Zucker or a Wayans. I’m aware there are some who love them all equally, and still others who hate them all just as equally. None of it’s wrong; it all comes down to taste.

The reason I mention this is because Shizzle, Inc., the debut novel by Australian author Ana Spoke, is a full-blown comedic romp with plenty of hits and plenty of misses, all rolled into a tortilla that’s oddly offbeat and manic at times, but then heavily structured and realistic at others, leading to a mixed bag of humor that some may find hilarious and whimsical through and through, and some may find too unstructured and chaotic for their tastes. Me? I I fall somewhere in between. Read Full Review

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Independent Reads For 2016

When I posted my blog for my 2016 resolutions, one of them was a pledge to read (and support) independent writers by reading and reviewing at least one book a month by a self-published author. Now, I’d like to take a minute to expand a little on my plans and help you understand where my head’s at and what you can expect from me. Please, Read On

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