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Movie Mayhem – Redemption Day

Redemption Day — 2021; Directed by Hicham Hajii; Starring Gary Dourdan, Serinda Swan, Andy Garcia, Brice Bexter, Martin Donovan, and Ernie Hudson

After a mostly dreadful year in movies, all we can hope is that things change as we creep slowly into 2021. In a normal year, January would be a dumping ground for films that couldn’t hack it during the summer or fit comfortably into the holiday season mold (or Oscar-bait contenders expanding into additional theaters). Because there were no Oscar films released over the last few months that weren’t directly sent to streaming services, and for the most part, a lot of theaters across the country are still closed, it doesn’t bode well for the offerings that will come our way over the next few weeks. This is backed up by the first major offering of 2021, Redemption Day, which can’t seem to find a voice it cares about.

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