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Movie Mayhem – Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I’m not exactly sure why  I chose to see Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping. Andy Samberg can be funny when he has the right supporting cast backing him up (see Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he shines mostly because of playful banter with his all-star co-conspirators). I may not always like his brand of humor, which tends to bounce between offensively funny to annoyingly sick, but he knows who he is as a comic, and I admire and respect his ability to push the limits just past the boundaries of acceptance, and then continue to do so when the backlash is small or non-existent.

Going into Popstar, I wasn’t sure which side I was going to get. Was it going to be closer to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he relies heavily on his diverse cast to bounce a much more subtle performance off of, or was it going to be more frantic and in your face, where no one else around him seems to matter and where he puts too much stock into sophomoric bathroom humor and dick jokes that have already gotten old and stale? My prognosis: it’s a little bit of both, and because of that, doesn’t seem to find the right voice to carry the entire movie to the finish line. Read Full Review

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