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Resolutions of Time

Another year has come to a close, so it must be time to reminisce about the year we’ve left behind and look forward to the year ahead. It’s also when a lot of people begin to make plans to once again get their weight under control, eat better and exercise more… anything and everything to be a healthier person.

Not me. Read On For My 2016 Resolutions

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Be Honest, Be Yourself

On a recent episode of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey, as he usually does at some point in every episode, chewed out a contestant for one reason or another. Though it’s familiar territory for all of the chefs, this seems to hit this one pretty hard, so after the dinner service is over, he goes up to one of Ramsey’s sous chefs and asks her how she does it — how she can work with Gordon day in and day out, especially after making a mistake or two during a service. She tells him that he can’t take it personally, and that whenever she has a day where nothing goes right, she simply wakes up the next morning and says, “today’s a new day.” Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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1st Draft Complete… Finally!

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been pretty quiet in posting much of anything other than my weekly movie review. It’s not necessarily that I didn’t have anything to say, it’s that taking the time to turn my thoughts into anything that would make a modicum of sense has been elusive, mostly due to a lack of motivation. Part of this, I think, stems from the struggles I’ve been encountering in getting Phoenix Moirai out into the public consciousness and turning new contacts into actual clients. I knew going in that it was going to be an extremely steep and laborious climb, but with the reality of it all settling into place, and my current revenue stream beginning to dry up, you can see how this might make me feel a little insignificant and powerless. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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