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Sponsor A Foster Child This Christmas with J.E.F.F.

Over the last few weeks, I illustrated and designed a flyer for an event the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce is putting on in association with Rancho Domacitas Family and Children’s Services Center and Senator Jeff Stone. Rancho Damacitas is a foster care facility located in Temecula, California that provides care for children who were abused and neglected, nurturing and empowering them through life-enriching programs to become self-sufficient, well-educated, healthy young adults.

The event kicked off this past week with the erection of a Christmas tree at the Chamber office with several ornaments listing gifts the kids at Rancho Damacitas have asked for this Christmas. Businesses and individuals alike are encouraged to choose one of the ornaments from the tree at the Murrieta Chamber office (located at 25125 Madison Ave., Suite 108, Murrieta, Ca 92562) and return the unwrapped gift to the office by December 16th, 2015. In addition, there will be an appreciation luncheon with Senator Jeff Stone on December 17th for all of the tremendous sponsors. Check Out the Flyer

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Reading should be encouraged, not condemned

What have we come to as a society when we look down on kids who love to read?

According to several reports (some going back to August… wish I wasn’t so late to this party), that’s exactly what happened in Hudson Falls, New York, where a local librarian was fired, supposedly over defending, and wanting to applaud, a young boy who read 63 books over the course of a six week period to help solidify his win (for the fifth(!) year in a row) in a reading contest held by the Hudson Falls Free Library. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Finding Strength

After watching such a beautiful performance by Catapult Entertainment on this week’s episode of America’s Got Talent, I was instantly compelled to share it. Not only was it a visually stunning piece of artwork, but it has an outstanding message of finding strength in what’s truly important when being bullied, seeking the comfort of those who care, and using courage to turn one’s pain into something beautiful and full of love. This group hasn’t always been perfect (in fact, if they were voted off after their performance a few weeks ago, I wouldn’t have batted an eye), but to have Catapult Entertainment voted off of the show after this performance, and be denied the chance to perform in next week’s finale, in my book, is a travesty. Watch the Performance

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