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Chaos Breeds Chaos 2022 Television Awards – Part 1

It’s been another year of television goodness, which means it’s once again time to present my annual TV Awards to all the shows I had time to watch over the past 12 months! (See previous Awards – 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013).

As always, these awards, good and bad, are for those shows or episodes that aired or streamed from this time last year, and only includes those shows in which I watched at least one episode. Of all of the shows I watched that fit that category, old and new, I will be handing out awards to twenty-six series that cover all types of actors, scenes, and moments that resonated with me.

Up first, we got all of the familiar categories, including Best Series, Best and Worst Reboot, and Best Ensemble. Read on to see if your favorite won.

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IndieBook Review – 30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting


30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting — A novel by L.E. Moebius

Stream of consciousness is a writing technique wherein you write what you’re thinking at one specific time without going back to change or edit anything. It’s mostly used as a tool to get a writer back into the groove of writing whenever they’re trapped in an existential quandary or have a bout of writer’s block. Unless a character in a book is having a stream of consciousness moment, generally an exercise like this isn’t usually published for mass consumption. But L.E. Moebius has taken this tool and used it to her advantage. From what I know, every day for thirty days, Moebius wrote one chapter without pause, without double checking aspects from other chapters or going back to fuss over anything she wrote. Whatever came to her mind in however much time it took is what the chapter became. In her second attempt at this format, 30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting, Moebius intelligently crafts a fast, creative, but somewhat generic story of a haunted house and its unwitting occupant. Read Full Review

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