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The Spirit Of… Scavenger Hunt

Win an iPad mini!

That’s right. In preparation for the release of my newest novel, The Spirit Of…, I have put together an online scavenger hunt for all of my current and future fans, the winner of which will win a brand new iPad mini. All you have to do is find, answer or complete as many of the tasks as you can, earning points along the way. Some of the tasks are simple, while others will demand that you do a little more digging.

Three prizes are up for grabs:
The Grand prize – iPad mini.
2nd place – $75 gift Amazon gift card
3rd place – a signed collection of all of my books (If you already purchased the print editions, the winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card per book they already have). Let’s Play

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Sponsor A Foster Child This Christmas with J.E.F.F.

Over the last few weeks, I illustrated and designed a flyer for an event the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce is putting on in association with Rancho Domacitas Family and Children’s Services Center and Senator Jeff Stone. Rancho Damacitas is a foster care facility located in Temecula, California that provides care for children who were abused and neglected, nurturing and empowering them through life-enriching programs to become self-sufficient, well-educated, healthy young adults.

The event kicked off this past week with the erection of a Christmas tree at the Chamber office with several ornaments listing gifts the kids at Rancho Damacitas have asked for this Christmas. Businesses and individuals alike are encouraged to choose one of the ornaments from the tree at the Murrieta Chamber office (located at 25125 Madison Ave., Suite 108, Murrieta, Ca 92562) and return the unwrapped gift to the office by December 16th, 2015. In addition, there will be an appreciation luncheon with Senator Jeff Stone on December 17th for all of the tremendous sponsors. Check Out the Flyer

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COVER WARS – Vote now for “In the LIght of the Eclipse”

Over at Masquerade Crew, there’s a monthly contest for independent authors called Cover Wars. I learned about the contest via Twitter about a week back and thought I’d check it out. It seemed like a fun little way to boost the visibility of my book across Twitter, and it was only $5 to get my cover entered, so I thought why not give it a shot. Learn More

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Strange Occurances…

Everyone, I’m sure, has had those days where something happens (no matter how small) that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Just yesterday, in fact, a couple of things made me scrunch my eyebrows up in a quizzical manner and think, “Uhh…. okaayy….” Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers

I ran across this YouTube channel this morning and had to share it with everyone out there (not like they need the extra publicity; they already have from one to six million hits per video). Though I’m not sure about a lot of what Screen Junkies puts out, I did watch several of their “Honest Trailers” and they are hysterical. The best one that I saw (of the five or six I did watch… they have plenty more, but I haven’t the time to watch them all…) was the Home Alone Honest Trailer, which points out all of the idiosyncrasies of the film that you probably have never thought of before, such as how bad Kevin’s family really is and the child abuse they bestow upon him. (The Matrix Honest Trailer is a close second in pure enjoyment and number of laughs per minute… or should I say, per second.)

If you have a minute and need a good laugh, check out the Honest Trailers from Screen Junkies on YouTube. Watch the Home Alone Honest Trailer

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How many projects is too many projects?

If you were to ask Ryan Seacrest, there’s no such thing as too many projects… and I would tend to agree.

In any person’s life, there will always be times when there is so much to be done, or there is so much that you want to get done, that nothing seems to ever get done. You organize and prioritize your list of things to do, but as you near crossing one thing off the list, a couple of more pop up that you quickly gravitate toward because they’re fresh and exciting, causing other priorities to take a backseat. It can be daunting for sure, especially when it doesn’t seem like you will ever have the time to finish it all. I’ve recently found myself in this exact place, but what I’ve come to realize is that it is in this madness that I find my sanity. I am a naturally creative person, and in my pursuit of making a living as said creative person (weather as a writer, a film maker, graphic designer or a combination of all three—known now as a hyphenate), I have mostly been able to stick to one project at a time, pour all of my energy into it and then move on. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Only When No One’s Watching

At the very end of the trailer for Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new film, Don Jon (which he also wrote and directed!), Gordon-Levitt is driving down the road. His music is blasting and he’s singing along with Marky-Mark’s “Good Vibrations” like no one’s business. When he pulls up to a stoplight, he notices another car sitting beside him and immediately stops singing, as if he was never doing it in the first place. But the second the light turns green, and the other car pulls away, he’s back at it, singing his head off with Marky Mark.

Raise your hand if you’ve never done this exact same thing before! That’s what I thought! We all act a little different when we think no one’s watching. Check out the Trailer

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To all of you out there in the cyber ether, please let me take this moment to welcome you to my brand new blog, Chaos breeds Chaos, where anything goes so that chaos can reign.

This is where I will speak my mind on anything from entertainment to sports, to politics and reality. Everything is fair game here; nothing is too big or too small, too outrageous or to mundane. Posts will include a weekly movie review, discussion of the latest trends, complaints about the government’s latest decisions, but most of all, I’ll be telling it like it is, no matter what. And like any other decent blog, I encourage a robust debate on everything I throw out there, whether it be on films, books, music, government or marketing, not to mention all of those little things that make us laugh, cry, think and marvel at in wonderment. Don’t Stop – There’s Plenty More

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