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A Book Lovers Christmas

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens just a week away, it means Christmas is upon us. Have you gotten something for everyone on your list yet? The grumpy grandpa that doesn’t like anything? The geeky brother who’ll string you up if you confuse Star Trek with Star Wars (or vice-versa)? The cousin you don’t know well enough to shop for? The little sister who wants nothing but expensive Santa gifts?

What about the book lover in your family? You know, the one who is never without a book in their hand, or has so many books, you’re about ready to cast them on Hoarders. You’re in luck, because I’ve compiled a quick list of quirky, off-the-wall and practical gift ideas for a very, merry book lover’s Christmas. Check Out the List

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Have Yourself A Merry Sci-Fi Christmas

That’s right, Christmas is once again peering its red and green eyes around the corner, and everyone’s gearing up to blow the doors off of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the three weeks between Thanksgiving and the giving holiday (well, those who celebrate it, at least). The question now is, what do you get that sci-fi lover in your life? I mean, it’s so hard to find anything in the realm of science fict… oh, who am I kidding. Let’s be real. It’s not hard to find a gift for the nerdy geek — what’s hard is choosing from the plethora of plethora of science fiction items out there.

Well, rest assured, I am here to help. As a science fiction fan (and sometimes nerd, sometimes geek and all out Star Wars fanatic), I scrounged the Internet to compile a list of five terrific gifts any true sci-fi nerd would love. I should know. I want all of these. Check Out My Gift Ideas

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Sponsor A Foster Child This Christmas with J.E.F.F.

Over the last few weeks, I illustrated and designed a flyer for an event the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce is putting on in association with Rancho Domacitas Family and Children’s Services Center and Senator Jeff Stone. Rancho Damacitas is a foster care facility located in Temecula, California that provides care for children who were abused and neglected, nurturing and empowering them through life-enriching programs to become self-sufficient, well-educated, healthy young adults.

The event kicked off this past week with the erection of a Christmas tree at the Chamber office with several ornaments listing gifts the kids at Rancho Damacitas have asked for this Christmas. Businesses and individuals alike are encouraged to choose one of the ornaments from the tree at the Murrieta Chamber office (located at 25125 Madison Ave., Suite 108, Murrieta, Ca 92562) and return the unwrapped gift to the office by December 16th, 2015. In addition, there will be an appreciation luncheon with Senator Jeff Stone on December 17th for all of the tremendous sponsors. Check Out the Flyer

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Christmas Promotion

It’s Christmas and Phoenix Moirai would like to give a gift to everyone who is currently planning a birthday, quinceañera, sweet sixteen party, or any other event you would like to remember and cherish for years to come.

Now through noon on January 1, 2015, book a date to have your party or event filmed and receive a set of unique invitations to send out to all of your guests for FREE. The date of the party does not have to be within the next two weeks, and the invitations will be unique to the guest of honor and the theme of the party. Restrictions do apply, so email with any questions you might have.

Email now and let Phoenix Moirai capture your celebration in all its wonder.

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Season’s Greetings

I would like to say Merry Christmas to all of my fans and followers. May your Christmas bring you great joy and good tidings as you all celebrate with family and friends.


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Can I just Say…

Isn’t it better to look up to and/or respect a man (real or fictional) who is completely unbiased against race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation (and whatever else you want to throw out there), than to claim such a man should be considered different to different people? Of course I speak of this inane Santa Claus controversy, in which some feel that the representation of Santa should be some weird amalgamation of everything, to which he appears one way for one person and another for someone else so that the one who feels they themselves are “different” won’t feel bad about themselves (or some such nonsense). Don’t Stop – There’s Plenty More

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