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IndieBook Review – Cemetery Tours

Are ghosts real?

Whether you believe in them or not, we’ve all thought about that question at some point or another. You may have wondered if a dearly departed loved one still watches over you, or perhaps you think that weird noise in the kitchen at night is a poltergeist who became attached to the home after he was murdered by a burglar before you purchased the home. And of course, there’s one heavy existential question behind that very question — is there life after death? I’m sure most of us want to believe there is, and if ghosts are real, then the chances of there being life after death multiply. If they don’t, there’s no way to be sure if existence ends when your lights go out. Author Jacqueline E. Smith explores this concept in her debut novel, Cemetery Tours, a fun, creepy look at what could be there waiting for us on the other side. Read Full Review

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Independent Reads For 2016

When I posted my blog for my 2016 resolutions, one of them was a pledge to read (and support) independent writers by reading and reviewing at least one book a month by a self-published author. Now, I’d like to take a minute to expand a little on my plans and help you understand where my head’s at and what you can expect from me. Please, Read On

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