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Movie Mayhem – Best and Worst of 2016

For various reasons, my goal for 2016 was to attend less movies, hopefully avoiding the bad in favor of the good. And though I did skip some movies that in years past I probably would have gone to because they were there, the inevitable stinker still crept into my viewing addiction. And at 107 movies, I only saw 3 less than I did in 2015 (though those three would probably have ended up on my worst list). So much for that resolution. But, with 58 movies graded at an A- or above, this year’s crop still managed to be on the higher end in one way or another. So, what were some of the most awe-inspiring (and some of the stinkers) from the past year? Let’s find out.

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Movie Mayhem – Captain America: Civil War

“We’re still friends, right?”

This sentiment by Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to her good friend Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in the middle of the epic airport melee just about sums up the main undertone of Captain America: Civil War (aka, The Avengers light). There’s no denying that before, during and after the major conflicts that drive the film, the superheroes involved are and will always be… family. And as with any family, they are bound to disagree. It’s not as if anyone wants to go straight to fisticuffs; there’s enough attempts at diplomacy to fill a misplaced email server. The question to ask is whether it was inevitable that the bubbling differences in mindset, friendship, miscommunication and manipulation would come to blows? Read Full Review

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