Secrets of the Desert Nymph

Reviewer: Debra Herman
Source: Amazon
Date of Review: 8/22/2014
Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Great movie with a powerful message. Worth buying.


Reviewer: Mrs. J. Beach
Source: IMDB
Date of Review: 11/28/2012
Rating: 8 Stars (out of 10)

Students from Northern Nevada schools got together to learn about film making. They had NO budget. That means everything was either donated or borrowed. (This includes; cars, cameras, wardrobe, sound equipment, houses etc.) The various scene settings were all from Northern Nevada areas. (Including; Carson City, Dayton, Tahoe, and Minden) As someone who lives in northern Nevada it was neat to see the students in these settings we are all used to looking at. The scrip jumped around and left a few untied ends but was probably edited that way due to quality issues faced from having a $0.00 budget. All in all it looks like the film was a great learning experience for the young adults and crew.

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