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IndieBook Review – 30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting


30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting — A novel by L.E. Moebius

Stream of consciousness is a writing technique wherein you write what you’re thinking at one specific time without going back to change or edit anything. It’s mostly used as a tool to get a writer back into the groove of writing whenever they’re trapped in an existential quandary or have a bout of writer’s block. Unless a character in a book is having a stream of consciousness moment, generally an exercise like this isn’t usually published for mass consumption. But L.E. Moebius has taken this tool and used it to her advantage. From what I know, every day for thirty days, Moebius wrote one chapter without pause, without double checking aspects from other chapters or going back to fuss over anything she wrote. Whatever came to her mind in however much time it took is what the chapter became. In her second attempt at this format, 30 Days Stream of Consciousness: A Haunting, Moebius intelligently crafts a fast, creative, but somewhat generic story of a haunted house and its unwitting occupant. Read Full Review

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The Spirit Of… Now Available

Spirit Of - Front Cover2In history, truth is often lost to the ravishes of time. The biases of each new generation distort facts to best suit their personal agendas. No more evident is this than in the most well-known book of all time: the Bible. But in an attempt to locate the lost city of Atlantis, Matthew Stevens and his team of archaeologists uncover the truth behind the Genesis of the Word. Are you ready to find out what the world doesn’t want you to know?

The Spirit Of… is an exciting adventure that dares to question what we know with a journey through self-discovery, love and friendship. Available in trade paperback, Kindle, Nook and iBooks, The Spirit Of… will leave you breathless.

Read the prologue (or a larger sample) and join the adventure of a lifetime.

Amen Dello Keli.


If you have a book that’s just been released, one that’s on the verge of being released, or a current WIP, I’d love to hear about it! List the title (if it has one), a logline, a brief summary, the first sentence of the book and a link to where we can read or purchase it.

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The Spirit Of… Scavenger Hunt

Win an iPad mini!

That’s right. In preparation for the release of my newest novel, The Spirit Of…, I have put together an online scavenger hunt for all of my current and future fans, the winner of which will win a brand new iPad mini. All you have to do is find, answer or complete as many of the tasks as you can, earning points along the way. Some of the tasks are simple, while others will demand that you do a little more digging.

Three prizes are up for grabs:
The Grand prize – iPad mini.
2nd place – $75 gift Amazon gift card
3rd place – a signed collection of all of my books (If you already purchased the print editions, the winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card per book they already have). Let’s Play

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Meet Kara Reisen & Thomas Demeut – The Spirit Of…

The final two members on Matthew Stevens’s team are similar in many ways: they both joined about the same time, they both have a history in hunting ancient artifacts that may have some connection to the Bible, and their pasts are haunted with pain and regret. They also became real fast friends. In fact, when I first met them, I could swear they were a couple. Hey, they’re both pushing forty and have no significant others to speak of. It was an honest mistake. But they’re good sports. They could laugh at it.

Let’s break it down for you. Learn more about Kara Reisen and Thomas Demeut

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Meet Henry Green – The Spirit Of…

Talking to Henry Green, one of Matthew Stevens’s archaeology students, is… how do I say this? Interesting? He seems like a decent guy when you first meet him, but once you get to know him a little, things aren’t so cut and dry. It doesn’t help that his life before joining Matthew’s team is unknown. Whenever I brought up his past — that is any time before his first meeting with Matthew during a freshman arrival banquet at Yale — he’d remain allusive, changing the subject or feigning ignorance. I’m not saying he’s trying to hide anything, but I know the same question hides in the back of Matthew’s mind. Learn more about Henry Green

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IndieBook Review – I Am the Lion


I Am the Lion — A Novel by Andrew Toy

All artistic endeavors can have real emotional power. Whether it’s film, sculpture, art or writing, artistry at its core has the potential to latch on to a piece of you and push you to burst out with laughter, or crash to the floor in a pile of tears. Usually, you never know what to expect, or when it might happen, but when it does, it feels like a breath of fresh air. The real magic lies in the fact that no one piece of art will affect any two people the same, as art triggers subconscious feelings and emotions, tapping into the background, the personalities and the state of mind of each individual viewer. Everyone’s past experiences — our joy and pain, our dreams and failures — are different, and thus what may cause one person to laugh may cause another to cry or be offended. At the same time, their are some works of art that are universal in nature, meaning that the majority of people have experienced what the artist is attempting to convey in some form or another. In relation to Andrew Toy’s coming-of-age novel, I Am the Lion, it’s hard for me to believe that anyone wouldn’t somehow be affected by the story of grief and loss, and the journey to find a way to live without a love you once possessed. Read Full Review

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Meet Lauren Mead – The Spirit Of…

Next up in my series of character introductions for my new novel, The Spirit Of…, is Lauren Mead, best friend and fellow archaeologist of Matthew Stevens. The two met nine years ago as part of the same expedition to Egypt and have been basically inseparable (professionally, that is) ever since. My theory for this is her deference for Matthew. Lauren’s history with men hasn’t been remarkable — in fact, it’s been downright brutal — and there was a kindness in Matthew I believe Lauren became attached to, and hasn’t been able to give up since.

Learn more about Lauren Mead

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Meet Matthew Stevens – The Spirit Of…

As you may know, my new novel, The Spirit Of…, is being released on June 3, so in an attempt to build some anticipation for the book, I’ll be introducing you all to the major characters over the next three months.

First up is Matthew Stevens, archaeologist and Professor of Archaeology at Yale University. At least he was a professor before he squandered all of his grant money on a fool’s attempt to locate the city of Atlantis. And this wasn’t the first time he’d ruffled feathers in the scientific and archaeological communities. His theories and ideas have never been widely excepted. Some even went so far as to dub them blasphemous. Just reading a snippet of his graduate thesis gives you some insight into why: Learn more about Matthew Stevens

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IndieBook Review – Shizzle, Inc.


Shizzle, Inc. — A Novel by Ana Spoke

Comedy is subjective. Like snowflakes, no one sense of humor is the same; everyone has their own personal humor thermometer. In essence, you’re either a Simpson or a Griffin; a Murray or a Carrey; a Zucker or a Wayans. I’m aware there are some who love them all equally, and still others who hate them all just as equally. None of it’s wrong; it all comes down to taste.

The reason I mention this is because Shizzle, Inc., the debut novel by Australian author Ana Spoke, is a full-blown comedic romp with plenty of hits and plenty of misses, all rolled into a tortilla that’s oddly offbeat and manic at times, but then heavily structured and realistic at others, leading to a mixed bag of humor that some may find hilarious and whimsical through and through, and some may find too unstructured and chaotic for their tastes. Me? I I fall somewhere in between. Read Full Review

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IndieBook Review – Cemetery Tours

Are ghosts real?

Whether you believe in them or not, we’ve all thought about that question at some point or another. You may have wondered if a dearly departed loved one still watches over you, or perhaps you think that weird noise in the kitchen at night is a poltergeist who became attached to the home after he was murdered by a burglar before you purchased the home. And of course, there’s one heavy existential question behind that very question — is there life after death? I’m sure most of us want to believe there is, and if ghosts are real, then the chances of there being life after death multiply. If they don’t, there’s no way to be sure if existence ends when your lights go out. Author Jacqueline E. Smith explores this concept in her debut novel, Cemetery Tours, a fun, creepy look at what could be there waiting for us on the other side. Read Full Review

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