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Farewell to American Idol

Back in the height of American Idol‘s success, I used to try to predict the outcomes of each season. Once the finalists got down to the top ten, I’d list each one in the order of how I felt they’d be ousted, based not only by what I thought, but by what everyone else was saying. And I have to say, barring any surprise Sanjaya’s, I didn’t do a terrible job at it. In season 6, when Jordan Sparks won, I had the top 4 picked perfectly; and in season 7, I had David Cook over David Archuleta the whole time. But over the last few years, aside from Philip Phillips, I just haven’t been all that excited by many of the contestants (if any), so I stopped trying to predict the outcomes. Well, now that Idol is in its last and farewell season, I thought I’d take one last spin through the prediction whirlwind and see if my prognostication skills are still in tune with the general public’s. Read My Predicitions

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Is It Just Me…

Or did Jennifer Lopez and her white dress outperform every contestant on tonight’s American Idol telecast?

I’m not one to usually praise JLo, as I am not a fan, but the performance of her song from the new movie Home was pitch perfect tonight, and the magic that was her dress was, simply put, a stunning bit of techno-graphics. Watching her stand in the middle of the stage as the light show magically performed around her — turning her into a painting of constantly changing visuals — was absolutely breathtaking and no doubt one of the best moments on a night of mostly mediocre performances.

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A Raging Fire on AI

At the close of American Idol‘s performance show this week, Jennifer Lopez told the contestants that whoever made it through tonight’s elimination would have to up their game and give power to their performances in the way of that special “wow” moment that’s been lacking so far this season. Fireworks, as Ryan Seacrest summarized quickly before signing off for good. Well, AI contestants, take note, because the fire was crackling tonight. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Can I Just Say…

If the last two nights are any indication, a male performer is definitely going to win American Idol this year.

Though not all of the guys were anywhere near great (and I do have my preferences), the overall performance level of the boys far outmatched the girls in almost every way.

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“Another Angel” on American Idol

No matter how far American Idol contestant Kaitlyn Jackson goes in the competition (or how big a career she may have a singer), one thing is certain — Kaitlyn Jackson is an extraordinary songwriter… and she’s only fifteen. After hearing Kaitlyn sing her original song, “Another Angel” (which was inspired by her grandfather’s unfortunately timed heart attack), I wanted to hear so much more. The song was remarkable on its own, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how it might sound if it were professionally produced — and how much I wanted to buy it regardless. If Kaitlyn continues to write songs like this (with so much heart and truth), she will definitely have a future in the music industry — in front of or behind the scenes. Check out the audition

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Music Mayhem – The Piano Guys 2

For Christmas, a friend sent me “The Piano Guys 2” CD. In a note, she said that there was no way I was allowed to give the CD any less than an A, of which I smiled and thought, “I can’t guarantee that; I have to be honest, after all.” I have to admit, I had never before heard of The Piano Guys until I opened the gift, so color me bewildered when I learned there was a CD released before this one (and apparently a massive YouTube following). Suffice it to say, I was certainly intrigued, and after listening to the CD a couple of times, I can happily say with all honesty that I will be able to abide by my friend’s request. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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Is it just me…

…or was the cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” performed by six ousted contestants on The Voice finale one excruciating experience to sit through? I mean, I wanted to start fast-forwarding before the first chorus hit, but I was hoping it might get better. I’m sorry to say, it didn’t. (It just made me want to run and listen to the real thing.)

It’s just one example of why this was such a lackluster season, as there was no one to really root for. None of the voices this year—and that includes the final three—were any more than mediocre at best. Unlike Jeff Gutt over on The X Factor (now there’s someone to keep your eye on), this crop of contestants had no (authentic) fire in them whatsoever; they all seemed to be trying too hard to be great, and in turn, failed at being genuine (except maybe for Will when he sang “(Everything I do) I Do It For You” to his wife and daughter on Monday… now there was true sincerity).

At least we can look forward to having Usher and Shakira back between the sexiest man alive and the southern goofball when The Voice returns in February.

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Garden of Tomorrow Kickstarter Campaign

Garden of Tomorrow Logo

Make a pledge to help Garden of Tomorrow become reality.

Recently, I was fortunate enough to work as 1st Assistant Director on a trailer to help promote the Kickstarter campaign for a new interactive web-based children’s show, “Garden of Tomorrow.” The campaign seeks to raise $50,000 to produce the very first half-hour episode of what is to be a fun, educational series in the vain of “Sesame Street” for kids aged 3-7.

Ronald Shattuck, owner of the Fallbrook Film Factory (and producer of my short film, My Necklace, Myself), came up with the idea of “Garden of Tomorrow” along with the show’s star and inspiration, Arlene Yates (known to her fans as Lady Arlene), who has been writing and performing music for over forty years and has spent most of her career writing for and entertaining children. Together, they came up with an idea that wouldn’t just present fun, educational entertainment to the kids, but actually allow them to interact with the series, encouraging viewers of all ages to help to write skits, play games and participate in contests through the website (for which will separate pages for kids and their parents to navigate and enjoy) that will present “Garden of Tomorrow” in all of its clean, wholesome glory. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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A Must-See Vampire Tale

This past weekend, I took a trip to Arizona to once again attend the award-winning dance opera, Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale, at the Phoenix Theatre Little Theatre. Written, directed and choreographed by Lisa Starry, owner of the Scorpius Dance Theatre—which presents this terrific show for two weeks every October—Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale is a play of love, desire, loss and transformation told almost entirely through dance. It focuses on Eve (also known as “the Innocent”) who finds herself caught in the den of a vampire klan led by the evil Vampire Queen and her love, Viktor. When Viktor takes a very infatuated liking to Eve (and her human nature), the jealous Queen does whatever it takes to end his desire for both. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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