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Remember When… An Old-Fashioned Love Story

Once upon a time, romance was found in chivalry. Love came from something much more virtuous than mere sex or physical attraction; it was discovered in respect, nobility, honor and charity for one another — ideals that crossed even the most difficult of boundaries, where there could be no doubt it was meant to be. Though it may still happen today, it has become rare to witness this type of love except maybe for the idealized version showcased in entertainment. Nicholas Sparks has tapped into this idea many times, but the most beloved version of this tale, The Notebook, made it clear that true passion for love often lies in an older generation. It’s a shame, because there is something so pure about a love that transcends time and space. Dancer and choreographer Bridgette Borzillo also understands this, but where Sparks taps into this idea with a fictional narrative, Borzillo digs into the truth behind the concept for her new dance production, Remember When… An Old-Fashioned Love Story.
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A Must-See Vampire Tale

This past weekend, I took a trip to Arizona to once again attend the award-winning dance opera, Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale, at the Phoenix Theatre Little Theatre. Written, directed and choreographed by Lisa Starry, owner of the Scorpius Dance Theatre—which presents this terrific show for two weeks every October—Lisa Starry’s A Vampire Tale is a play of love, desire, loss and transformation told almost entirely through dance. It focuses on Eve (also known as “the Innocent”) who finds herself caught in the den of a vampire klan led by the evil Vampire Queen and her love, Viktor. When Viktor takes a very infatuated liking to Eve (and her human nature), the jealous Queen does whatever it takes to end his desire for both. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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