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Movie Mayhem – Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog — 2020; Directed by Jeff Fowler; Starring James Marsden, Jim Carrey, Tika Sumpter, Lee Majdoub and Ben Schwartz

Movies based on video games have gotten a bad reputation… and for good reason. When you try to translate a video game to a film, you inherently strip away the ability to tell the same expansive story that a video game can encompass as well as what makes the game so much fun — interactivity. For Sonic the Hedgehog, the latest video game adaptation to hit the big screen, it didn’t help that early trailers for the film got massive push back because of Sonic’s less-than-stellar character design. Paramount listened, though, and made the necessary changes to give fans what they demanded. So how does Sonic the Hedgehog hold up against its small-screen counterpart?

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