Busy Busy Busy…

I’m not sure if anyone’s noticed, but I’ve been all but MIA from social media for, oh, a couple of months now. There have been a couple of posts littered here and there throughout Instagram or Twitter, but I’ve been mostly silent on both Facebook and this very blog. (If you follow my movie reviews, you probably noticed a major dry spell between Rings and the recently posted The Circle!)

This absence hasn’t been because I chose to step away from social media. I still check my stats and see what everyone else is up to on a daily basis, and if I feel compelled, comment on posts and what have you. In fact, I schedule posts for all of my social media channels each week. No, the real reason I haven’t been social lately is because of work.


Taste the joy!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve had several projects that have pulled my attention away from social media. There was a website for Terri’s Tasty Cupcakes; finishing up the edit on CaZo Dance Company‘s 2016 fall show, Asylum: The Undertaking, and filming of their Spring 2017 show, Fate; animations and motion graphics on a couple of video projects for Group 1 Productions; and finally a scattering of blog posts, brochure designs, powerpoint presentations, and other marketing materials. And lest we forget the scariest moment — that moment when I thought my world almost crashed down on me and that I’d lost everything —

The day my hard drive crashed!


Don’t let it happen to you!

Luckily, the geniuses at the Apple store recovered what was on my hard drive so I didn’t lose anything! It learned me a lesson, though, and forced me to upgrade to a better, faster machine that allows for a much faster, smoother workflow. It also convinced me to finally enter to 21st Century with a brand new iPhone. It’s certainly come in handy a few times already. So I guess it’s a good thing.

I’m not complaining! Believe me, as a freelance creative genius and business owner, having as much work as possible is a blessing! I love what I do and I can’t pay the bills without a consistent flow of projects, so nurturing relationships with clients is of utmost importance. All this means is that while I’m troubleshooting a website, building an animation in the time it takes coffee to percolate, the blog post, the movie review, the Instagram meme, or the Facebook rant must take a backseat.


When does it all end?

But I’m fine with that! I’m not a social media nut like a lot of people. I don’t need to be on Twitter or Instagram 24/7. I’m too private for that. I do feel sometimes that I’m abandoning all of my followers when it happens, and in so doing, lose some traction on my other writing endeavors, but like I said — the bills must be paid, and I’m not looking to jump behind a cubicle again any time soon.

The worst part of having an influx of work is when it takes a hit on my writing time. I try very hard to carve out time every day to write for at least an hour, but when deadlines take precedence, sometimes that just isn’t possible, not if I want to keep from burning myself out.

Now, you may be thinking that because I’m writing this that things have slowed down a bit. That is true in some sense, and I do hope to get back on a regular schedule with all of my social media, but no one really knows what the future holds, so we’ll see how it goes. One thing I don’t want to see happen is for work to dry up, a situation that is always on the back of my mind. But I have to believe that as long as I continue doing what I’m doing, I’m confident the Lord will continue to provide me with whatever I’m capable of handling at any given time. And the more I grow, the more I evolve, the more I learn, the more doors will open to the world I aspire to.

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