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Movie Mayhem – Central Intelligence

Dwayne Johnson, the hulking beast of a former WWE wrestler affectionately known as The Rock, has made a new name for himself in the film world over the last decade as a hulking beast in action-packed fare such as the Fast and Furious franchise, Pain and Gain, San Andreas and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. If you were to have said he would have such a illustrious career in acting after his first starring role in the failed The Scorpion King, I would have said you’re nuts. But with his willingness to explode with charisma in much quieter fare (such as Be Cool and Gridiron Gang) and co-starring roles in tent-pole films like Get Smart and The The Other Guys, Johnson found a solid, respectable footing in cinema history. Some may pigeonhole Johnson as an action star, but he’s also shown his flair for comedy in many of the roles mentioned above, and though his attempts at straight comedy/kid flicks have proved to be his Kryptonite, whenever he combines comedy with one of his strengths, he usually finds a way to outshine his comedic partners. No more so is this true than in Central Intelligence, where Johnson steals every scene away from Kevin Hart to surprise as one of this year’s most hilarious performances. Read Full Review

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