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Movie Mayhem – Money Monster

Jodie Foster is no stranger to hostage thrillers. Having dealt with a band of thugs breaking into her home in Panic Room and losing her daughter on a plane mid-flight in Flightplan, Foster has dealt with the anguish and adrenaline of a ticking clock; and a ticking bomb. So it’s not a stretch to see her step behind the camera to recreate that sense of dread and fear that comes with fighting for your life. Though she has yet to deal with this type of subject matter as a director, Foster understands the beats and the pace that go along with this type of movie. She knows how to build tension, unravel a mystery, and remain taut while building characters into believable, relatable creatures. With that said, she’s still stepping a little out of her comfort zone with Money Monster. Not only is it the first time she’s directing a major studio thriller, but, her online directorial efforts aside, it’s the first time she’s gone behind the scenes without also being in front of the camera. So how well does she handle the production from a strictly directorial stance? Read Full Review

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Movie Mayhem – Captain America: Civil War

“We’re still friends, right?”

This sentiment by Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to her good friend Clint Barton/Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) in the middle of the epic airport melee just about sums up the main undertone of Captain America: Civil War (aka, The Avengers light). There’s no denying that before, during and after the major conflicts that drive the film, the superheroes involved are and will always be… family. And as with any family, they are bound to disagree. It’s not as if anyone wants to go straight to fisticuffs; there’s enough attempts at diplomacy to fill a misplaced email server. The question to ask is whether it was inevitable that the bubbling differences in mindset, friendship, miscommunication and manipulation would come to blows? Read Full Review

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Movie Mayhem – Mother’s Day

Over the last few years, the king of romantic dramedy, Garry Marshall, has spent all of his energy making huge ensemble films revolving around a specific holiday. First up was Valentine’s Day, which, for the time, was a coup of big names and big talent (this was before Marvel hit their Avengers stride). Following that up with New Year’s Eve was almost a given. Marshall doesn’t need the money, experience or clout. He’s been part of the business for a long (long) time, building relationships and earning the ability to do whatever his heart desires, even if that means creating throw-away films with all of his friends in tow. Both holiday-themed films did well enough to give Marshall enough credit for a third go-around with Mother’s Day, completing what has to be one of the oddest trilogies in cinema history. Read Full Review

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The Spirit Of… Scavenger Hunt

Win an iPad mini!

That’s right. In preparation for the release of my newest novel, The Spirit Of…, I have put together an online scavenger hunt for all of my current and future fans, the winner of which will win a brand new iPad mini. All you have to do is find, answer or complete as many of the tasks as you can, earning points along the way. Some of the tasks are simple, while others will demand that you do a little more digging.

Three prizes are up for grabs:
The Grand prize – iPad mini.
2nd place – $75 gift Amazon gift card
3rd place – a signed collection of all of my books (If you already purchased the print editions, the winner will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card per book they already have). Let’s Play

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