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Movie Mayhem – A Hologram for the King

In his long and storied career, Tom Hanks has been a part of a variety of films, most of which come in the form of either mainstream comedy or drama. With his Playtone production house, his producing credits also deal in a variety of genres that play well to both large and niche audiences. But when you look at his resume, there are very few independent or unknown credits. And why would there be? His name alone is enough to draw even the non-movie goer to theaters, and his charm and personality hearken back to when actors were stars, not just box-office fodder or a brand name to stick on a film as an attempt to make some extra cash. But with A Hologram for the King, Hanks steps out of his comfort zone to try his hand at selling a film that will likely play well over seas, but where most people in the U.S. will likely never know existed. Read Full Review

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