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Movie Mayhem – The Jungle Book (2016)

Disney has adapted Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book to the big screen a few times now, the most prominent of which is the 1967 original animated classic. And though I can’t comment on how accurate that adaptation is to the book of the same the name (as I’ve never read Kipling’s stories), Disney has taken its cue from its recent hit, Cinderella, and updated the nearly 50 year-old film into a live-action doppelgänger. But can a movie, which I vaguely remember except for the earworm that is “The Bear Necessities”, find an audience by simply rehashing a story Disney created rather than returning to the story’s roots and discovering something new? As evidenced by the massive hundred-million debut weekend, the answer is a resounding, yes, not just because the majority of special effects look amazing, but because the story does, in fact, get a slight upgrade, giving more meaning to the jungle. Read Full Review

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