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IndieBook Review – I Am the Lion


I Am the Lion — A Novel by Andrew Toy

All artistic endeavors can have real emotional power. Whether it’s film, sculpture, art or writing, artistry at its core has the potential to latch on to a piece of you and push you to burst out with laughter, or crash to the floor in a pile of tears. Usually, you never know what to expect, or when it might happen, but when it does, it feels like a breath of fresh air. The real magic lies in the fact that no one piece of art will affect any two people the same, as art triggers subconscious feelings and emotions, tapping into the background, the personalities and the state of mind of each individual viewer. Everyone’s past experiences — our joy and pain, our dreams and failures — are different, and thus what may cause one person to laugh may cause another to cry or be offended. At the same time, their are some works of art that are universal in nature, meaning that the majority of people have experienced what the artist is attempting to convey in some form or another. In relation to Andrew Toy’s coming-of-age novel, I Am the Lion, it’s hard for me to believe that anyone wouldn’t somehow be affected by the story of grief and loss, and the journey to find a way to live without a love you once possessed. Read Full Review

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