Have Yourself A Merry Sci-Fi Christmas

That’s right, Christmas is once again peering its red and green eyes around the corner, and everyone’s gearing up to blow the doors off of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the three weeks between Thanksgiving and the giving holiday (well, those who celebrate it, at least). The question now is, what do you get that sci-fi lover in your life? I mean, it’s so hard to find anything in the realm of science fict… oh, who am I kidding. Let’s be real. It’s not hard to find a gift for the nerdy geek — what’s hard is choosing from the plethora of plethora of science fiction items out there.

Well, rest assured, I am here to help. As a science fiction fan (and sometimes nerd, sometimes geek and all out Star Wars fanatic), I scrounged the Internet to compile a list of five terrific gifts any true sci-fi nerd would love. I should know. I want all of these.

BB-8 Droid
For Star Wars junkies and robotics enthusiasts
Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock over the last few months knows who BB-8 is. When he first arrived on the scene, many were skeptical about J.J. Abrams claim that it was a live-functioning robot. Now you know it’s true with this awesome remote-controlled replica.

Han Solo Fridge
For hot shot smugglers and lazy couch potatos
Staying with the Star Wars theme for a second, here’s a collectible for those who hate getting off the couch and would love to have Han Solo as a prize. And not only can this mini-fridge keep your drinks cold, it can keep them warm as well. Just not so warm, though, that it melts the carbonite.

Firefly Clue
For Browncoats and board game lovers
Anyone who has seen Firefly knows how devastating it was to have it killed so early in its run. This take on the whodunnit will allow you to honor the series as you relive the exploits of Mal Reynolds and the crew aboard his Firefly-class transport, Serenity.

Dancing Groot Bobblehead
For friends of talking trees and bobblehead enthusiasts
Anyone who’s anyone knows the best scene in Guardians of the Galaxy was when baby Groot got down with his bad self to the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back. Take part in the dance party with this piece of memorabilia that will keep you smiling all day long.

Flux Capaciter USB Charger
For time travel enthusiasts and tech-savvy geeks.
With Back To the Future day behind us, own part of the time machine that lied to us about hover boards, but was nearly omniscient when it came to the Cubs winning the World Series.

And if you don’t believe any of these suggestions will work, check out the following online stores for additional possibilities: ThinkGeek.com, Star Wars Disney Store, Star Trek Store, Funko. And if you have any other gift suggestions, please feel free to post them in the comments section.

Have a merry sci-fi Christmas everyone!

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