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Movie Mayhem – The Last Witch Hunter

Vin Diesel has always done his best work when providing his voice to iron robots and giant trees, characters that have very limited dialogue and emotive capabilities. When it comes to fleshing out a live character, there’s a distinct disconnect in his interpretation that bleeds through to the audience. Okay, let’s be frank — if it weren’t for that deep, gravelly voice of his, I’m not sure he’d have much of a career outside of fast cars and alien bounties. The Fast and Furious franchise (in association with Riddick) made Diesel a star and is the only thing (aside from his voice-over work) that keeps him afloat in Hollywood. Without it, he’s left wading among the depths of mediocre to terrible projects. Then again, if we were to remove him from the equation, would he still be the considered at fault for the failure of his non-Fast roster of films? As evidenced by The Last Witch Hunter, there may just be more to it than that. Read Full Review

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