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Movie Mayhem – Goosebumps

From what I can tell, whenever Jack Black does a kids movie, it can go one of two ways:

1. It rocks! As in the School of Rock, which was one of those films that takes you by surprise by how good it is; or

2. It’s too big for its britches. As in Gulliver’s Travels, which was a huge disappointment to say the least (but, then, not all that surprising in hindsight).

When I first saw the trailer for Black’s newest kiddie adventure, Goosebumps, it didn’t impress me all that much, but neither did the trailer for School of Rock. Let’s just say, I was really hoping the film would rise above the so-so trailer and prove itself to be monster fun, but was afraid it would crash and burn in a pile of melted goose flesh. It turns out to be somewhere in between — not great, but fun nonetheless. Read Full Review

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