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Movie Mayhem – Love & Mercy

When it comes to music, the Beach Boys are one group that transcends the art form. The harmonies blended perfectly with the way the group mixed their music, creating a unique sound that made you feel as if you were out on the beach enjoying the warm sun and breezy ocean air no matter where you might be (and it never matter that they weren’t actually surfers). There is no doubt there was genius behind their creativity, and like a lot of creative geniuses, Beach Boys front man, Brian Wilson, tapped into a suppressed darkness to find the magic of his artistry (along with a little bit of drug use here and there — it was the sixties after all). Director Bill Pohlad examines this well of madness in the biopic, Love & Mercy, but in staying true to his subject, turns the formula on its head to not only explore his fall into psychosis, but his rebirth from it, interlinking them with the same tenderness the Beach Boys delivered to their fans. Read Full Review

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Reading Sample – Memoirs of Keladrayia

It’s getting closer!

Before my new novel officially lands on June 23, you now have the chance to check out the first two chapters, which are ready to be devoured as part of the brand new Phoenix Moirai Publising site, which itself dives head first into what makes publishing with Phoenix Moirai so unique (or at least what will make it unique, once it’s fully operational in, say, ten or so years *cross fingers*; I know, it’s a long time to wait, but I’m still building the business, here, so be patient!) Read More

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