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Movie Mayhem – Hot Pursuit

Comedy is hard. It’s not just about cracking a consistent number of one-liners or enduring a countless number of pratfalls (or grossing everyone out, as many comedians and filmmakers today believe is the only definition of comedy); to be truly funny, you have to understand the art of comic timing. Without it, any type of joke can become really awkward or utterly confusing. For the most part, this weight generally falls on the shoulders of the actors, simply because they are the face on the screen — if they fail at drawing laughs, there really isn’t anything anyone can do to fix that. But they aren’t the only person that holds the blame when something fails to strike a chord in the funny-bone of the viewer. The director molds the final product and if they can’t find the right rhythm within the flow and editing of a piece, the timing the actors may have had on set can become jilted. And it’s clear early on in Hot Pursuit that director Anne Fletcher can be blamed for the inconsistency of laughs in a film ripe for utter hilarity. Read Full Review

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