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Two Big Deals Ending Today – Don’t Miss Them

With the first four teams playing for two of the remaining four spots in the bracket, two of these terrific deals will end tonight:

25% off Book Cover design
Free ¼ page Print Ad with purchase of Tri-Fold Brochure design
Free Bookmark design with Purchase of Book Cover design
Free Highlight Reel with purchase of Videography Service

Don’t miss your chance for free designs that can help you market your books, merchandise or services with cover designs, ads and bookmarks, as well your chance to save big with a free highlight reel for your wedding or event.

Don’t risk losing your chance to lock in the savings. Request your quote today! See Promotional Bracket and Full List of Promotions

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Movie Mayhem – Cinderella

Having had several incarnations of the Cinderella story over the past sixty years, Disney’s live-action remake of their own sugary animated version of Cinderella from 1950 begs for comparison. One of the biggest points of contention in remaking this older version (as opposed to creating something bold and fresh) is whether or not that specific message — that all of your dreams will come true only once you’ve found your “prince” — is still relevant today. Drew Barrymore helped tear down this reliance in Ever After, where her version of Cinderella was strong enough to not only break free of her societal restraints on her own, but is more than capable of rescuing the prince. Ever After was grounded in the real world, where the only magic found is in her tenacity to control her own fate without relying on someone else to save her. At the same time, Disney knows the idea that exists as part of Cinderella’s overall theme is based on a now silly notion as evidenced by Enchanted, where they themselves make fun of the entire concept of getting married to someone after just a single day of knowing them, simply because they had the capacity to “rescue” them in some way. So with this in mind, does Cinderella, as told by Disney so long ago, still pass the test of time? Read Full Review

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March Madness Promotion Is On!

Phoenix Moirai‘s 2015 March Madness promotion has officially begun!

We are offering 68 promotions that range from 15 to 75% off of services in graphic design, writing and videography. Each promotion is attached to a team in the March Madness tournament; match the numbers in the bracket below to the corresponding promotion to see which promotion is attached to which team. When a team is eliminated from the tournament, so too does that particular promotion end. (Click here for the full explanation of rules.)

To take advantage of these great savings, simply request a quote ( before the team (and the promotion) has ended its run. The winning promotion will remain active until April 19. For questions, email or use the comments section below. See Promotional Bracket and Full List of Promotions

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Movie Mayhem – Chappie

Every director, no matter how big, small or niche, has their own personalized style when it comes to the technical aspects of the stories they choose to tell. For Neill Blomkamp, that style borders on gritty, dirt-under-the-fingernails machismo with contemplative, affectionate undertones. His mind is fascinated by adding an element of hyper-realism to real scientific theories and breakthroughs, and then tearing the fabric of those theories to shreds in the context of relying too heavily on that technology to improve our lives. In doing so, Blomkamp spends a lot of his energy exploring the human element of corruption with the advent of new power, and digs deep within the slimy grays of flawed characters who match the cinematography and editing of the films that contain them. This style remains in overdrive as part of Chappie, Blomkamp’s study in the wonders and perils of artificial intelligence. Read Full Review

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Phoenix Moirai is about to go… MAD

Last week I mentioned that my company, Phoenix Moirai, was going to put on a massive promotion to celebrate its 1st Anniversary of conducting business. Well, with the arrival of college basketball’s annual tournament of champions, that time is almost upon us. That’s right, Phoenix Moirai is going to jump on the March Madness train to offer everyone dozens upon dozens of killer deals for all its services with a competitive edge. Find Out How the Promotion Works

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Movie Mayhem – Focus

Movies about con men are always essentially cons themselves. It’s inevitable, as how can you follow someone gaming the system without trying your best to game the audience? The problem is, as the audience grows more aware of this trick, filmmakers need to work harder to up the ante for their personal version of the “long con” — that is, finding unique and fresh ways to hide their true intentions through misdirection and other types of cinematic slight-of-hand that lead to creating surprising twists that will not not only send the viewer for a loop, but make complete sense. If they fail to do so, the whole concept would fall apart and turn a decent movie into a disappointment faster than you can say Jar-Jar Binks. Good direction and strong performances also go a long way to misleading an audience, and with Focus, emotional strength elevates a weaker than average mind game. Read Full Review

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