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Movie Mayhem – Get Hard

Let me get this out of the way up front. I didn’t like Elf (GASP!) and here’s why — Will Ferrell. I’ve never much cared for him as a comedian or actor. There just doesn’t seem to be anything natural about him. Unlike some of the greatest comedians of all time, such as Robin Williams, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, Gene Wilder, Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin (to name a few), Ferrell has a tendency to overachieve for laughs. At times it feels as if he’s willing people to find his “wild and crazy” antics funny, and at other times, he outright begs for it with forced buffoonery, something the greats never had to do. When it comes down to it, it’s all about honesty, and whether or not Ferrell is honest is beside the point — when on screen, it doesn’t feel honest; it simply feels he is acting the way he thinks people want him to act — with insufferable over-the-top insanity. The interesting thing is, this outrageous persona mostly works in Get Hard, albeit only because Kevin Hart brings honesty to an otherwise labored construction. Read Full Review

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