Sweet Sixteen Deals

The NCAA tournament has been pared down to the best of the best, leading to the sweet sixteen, and the deals on graphic design, writing and videography services that Phoenix Moirai is offering alongside them are just as sweet! There are still plenty of fantastic discounts for writers, business men and women, entrepreneurs, bloggers, engaged couples, and anyone looking for specialty items that make great gifts for family and friends.

For writers, we have deals on publishing packages, which include book cover designs, layouts, and formatting conversions, as well as individual deals for free covers and layouts:
• Free paperback Book Layout with purchase of paperback Book Cover design (attached to Wichita State)
• 25% off Phoenix Publishing Package (attached to Arizona)
• Free Book Cover and Layout with purchase of 90-second Book Trailer (attached to Louisville)
• 20% off Basic Publishing Package (attached to Oklahoma)

For bloggers, publishers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, those who own businesses, or have a very high online presence, we have plenty of great discounts on Power Point presentations, blog posts, ad copy, magazine designs and avatars:
• 50% off Power Point Presentation (attached to Notre Dame)
• Free Magazine Cover design with purchase of Magazine Layout (attached to Wisconsin)
• 35% off Magazine or Catalog Layout design (attached to NC State)
• Free Ad Copy with purchase of ½ page Ad (attached to Duke)
• Six 1,000-word Blog Posts for the price of four (attached to Utah)
• Free Avatar with purchase of Logo (attached to Gonzaga)

For those newly engaged couples, we still have a couple of deals on video and design packages for videography and design:
• 30% off Premiere Phoenix Wedding Video and Design Package (attached to Michigan State)
• 20% off Phoenix Wedding Design Package (attached to UCLA)

For those of you looking for a unique gift for your friend’s birthday or your parents’ anniversary, we have a couple of discounts on a couple of cool items:
• 25% off Wall Calendar design (attached to Kentucky)
• 40% off Digital Illustration (attached to West Virginia)

And for everyone else out there, we still have a couple of great deals on any service we provide:
• 35% off any two services (excludes packages) (attached to North Carolina)
• Free design service with purchase of Invitation design (attached to Xavier)

All of these great deals will be available from now until at least Thursday, when the field will once again be slashed to eight and then four over the weekend. Remember, to lock in your savings, you only have to request a quote while the team the deal is attached to is still a part of the tournament. If your bracket shows one of these teams losing in the next couple of rounds, or they aren’t there at all, don’t let these sixteen sweet deals slip away. Request your quote now.

March Madness Tournament Chart

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