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Two Big Deals Ending Today – Don’t Miss Them

With the first four teams playing for two of the remaining four spots in the bracket, two of these terrific deals will end tonight:

25% off Book Cover design
Free ¼ page Print Ad with purchase of Tri-Fold Brochure design
Free Bookmark design with Purchase of Book Cover design
Free Highlight Reel with purchase of Videography Service

Don’t miss your chance for free designs that can help you market your books, merchandise or services with cover designs, ads and bookmarks, as well your chance to save big with a free highlight reel for your wedding or event.

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Movie Mayhem – Cinderella

Having had several incarnations of the Cinderella story over the past sixty years, Disney’s live-action remake of their own sugary animated version of Cinderella from 1950 begs for comparison. One of the biggest points of contention in remaking this older version (as opposed to creating something bold and fresh) is whether or not that specific message — that all of your dreams will come true only once you’ve found your “prince” — is still relevant today. Drew Barrymore helped tear down this reliance in Ever After, where her version of Cinderella was strong enough to not only break free of her societal restraints on her own, but is more than capable of rescuing the prince. Ever After was grounded in the real world, where the only magic found is in her tenacity to control her own fate without relying on someone else to save her. At the same time, Disney knows the idea that exists as part of Cinderella’s overall theme is based on a now silly notion as evidenced by Enchanted, where they themselves make fun of the entire concept of getting married to someone after just a single day of knowing them, simply because they had the capacity to “rescue” them in some way. So with this in mind, does Cinderella, as told by Disney so long ago, still pass the test of time? Read Full Review

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