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Movie Mayhem – Chappie

Every director, no matter how big, small or niche, has their own personalized style when it comes to the technical aspects of the stories they choose to tell. For Neill Blomkamp, that style borders on gritty, dirt-under-the-fingernails machismo with contemplative, affectionate undertones. His mind is fascinated by adding an element of hyper-realism to real scientific theories and breakthroughs, and then tearing the fabric of those theories to shreds in the context of relying too heavily on that technology to improve our lives. In doing so, Blomkamp spends a lot of his energy exploring the human element of corruption with the advent of new power, and digs deep within the slimy grays of flawed characters who match the cinematography and editing of the films that contain them. This style remains in overdrive as part of Chappie, Blomkamp’s study in the wonders and perils of artificial intelligence. Read Full Review

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