Phoenix Moirai is about to go… MAD

Last week I mentioned that my company, Phoenix Moirai, was going to put on a massive promotion to celebrate its 1st Anniversary of conducting business. Well, with the arrival of college basketball’s annual tournament of champions, that time is almost upon us. That’s right, Phoenix Moirai is going to jump on the March Madness train to offer everyone dozens upon dozens of killer deals for all its services with a competitive edge.

Writers — do you need a cover design and professional editing but can’t afford both?

New Business Owners — do you need a personal identity but need a solid discount before you request a stunning logo, avatar and business card designs?

Future Brides — Looking for a wedding videographer but don’t quite have the largest of budgets?

Look no further than Phoenix Moirai‘s March Madness Promotion!

Here’s how it’ll work. Next Sunday, March 15, is “Selection Sunday”, where the NCAA will bracket all of the participating colleges for March Madness. Once that has occurred, Phoenix Moirai will randomly pair each team with a specific promotion ranging from 15 to 75% off of a variety of design, writing and videography services, and post that bracket on Monday, March 16, when the promotional offers officially go into effect. As the tournament progresses, when a team is eliminated, so is the specific promotion attached to that team. For example, let us say that San Diego State University has been paired with a promotion for 15% off any service. This offer will be available for as long as SDSU remains in the tournament, up to the championship game on April 6, the winner of which will remain in effect until April 19.

What does this mean? It means if you like a particular promotion, you might want to jump on it early, as there will be a lot of eliminations within the first week, as the field drops from 68 to 16. And who really knows what promotional offers will be available once the sweet sixteen take it to the court.

Don’t stress the eliminations too much, though. All you need to do to secure your discount is request a quote prior to the offer’s elimination. For example, SDSU has made it to the Sweet Sixteen. On the day they play, you request a quote for that particular offer. That night, SDSU is eliminated. That’s okay! Because you requested the quote prior to their elimination, the offer will follow the quote up to sixty days after it is sent to you.

We can’t specifically divulge the actual promotions until next Monday, but if you have any other questions about Phoenix Moirai‘s March Madness promotion, please ask them in the comments section below.

Are you ready to play some ball and receive some tremendous savings in the process? Let’s go MAD!

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