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Movie Mayhem – Focus

Movies about con men are always essentially cons themselves. It’s inevitable, as how can you follow someone gaming the system without trying your best to game the audience? The problem is, as the audience grows more aware of this trick, filmmakers need to work harder to up the ante for their personal version of the “long con” — that is, finding unique and fresh ways to hide their true intentions through misdirection and other types of cinematic slight-of-hand that lead to creating surprising twists that will not not only send the viewer for a loop, but make complete sense. If they fail to do so, the whole concept would fall apart and turn a decent movie into a disappointment faster than you can say Jar-Jar Binks. Good direction and strong performances also go a long way to misleading an audience, and with Focus, emotional strength elevates a weaker than average mind game. Read Full Review

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