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Chaos Movie Awards 2015

After all of the shilling, campaigning and hobnobbing throughout award season, it all comes down to this — the show so big, it needs two names. That’s right, it’s Oscar weekend — let the predictions begin. Last year, I predicted 6 out of the top 7 categories correctly, so I have a lot to live up to with this year’s crop, which aren’t quite as easy to predict as they were last year, seeing as how there have been a variety of winners across the various award shows, and this just may be the year that some of the dark horses decide to find their stride at the end of the race. Whatever the outcome, these are my thoughts on the top categories (including links to both full reviews and mini-reviews for the majority of films that I’ve seen) as well a few of my own special awards that don’t belong anywhere near the Academy. Read on for my predictions

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