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Movie Mayhem – Kingsman: The Secret Service

Movies about spies and secret intelligence agencies have been intriguing audiences for as long as there have been stories. They have evolved over the years, but there’s always been a strong, ageless core for which all spy stories latch onto. It starts with a strong hero — a brave man, usually stoic, suave and true (CHEER). This character knows right from wrong, usually stands for justice and purity and would never harm his integrity by doing anything remotely evil. His nemesis is more than likely a crazed lunatic with shifty eyes and a curled mustache (HISS) who wants nothing more than to mold the world into his very own cash-grab playground. In between them is the fair maiden, sometimes a damsel in distress, for whom the nemesis pines but is ultimately destined to fall for the hero, even if she’s only known him for mere hours. At some point, the nemesis will capture the hero and spend a few minutes to reveal all of his dastardly plans. Before running off to put this plan in motion, he will execute an extremely elaborate plan to kill the hero, who will no doubt escape in the nick of time to thwart the villain and save the maiden to live happily ever after. Kingsman: The Secret Service, as the film itself so rightly claims, is not that movie. Read Full Review

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