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Write A Novel With Me On Hiatus

For all of you looking forward to reading the next chapter for Write A Novel With Me, I have some bad news. No, Write A Novel With Me is not ending by any means; I am having too much fun writing the story to have that happen. However, over the last couple of weeks, due to some other responsibilities (and some personal matters that needed attending to), I realized I have seriously been neglecting my other novel, Memoirs of Keladrayia. My initial plan to release the novel last summer was waylaid as I slowly built leads and contacts for my new business, Phoenix Moirai. And every time someone asked when the book would be coming out, I would usually give a two to three month time frame from the time the question was posed, no matter when it was asked or who asked it. Several weeks ago, I mentioned on Twitter that the third draft was nearing completion, and there it sat… unloved as I continued to push its priority to the back burner.

Well, no more. Find Out Why

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