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Movie Mayhem – Seventh Son

Movies are an enigma. Some have the ability to captivate you from the first image or piece of dialogue; some take longer to find an audience, needing time to build a relationship with you; and still others are so far removed from being engaged, you can barely stay awake as you wonder what else you’d rather be doing than watching the train wreck in front of you. And previews aren’t necessarily an indication as to which category a film might fall. I’ve seen some dreadful previews for movies that turned out to be stellar pieces of cinema and vice-versa, so until you actually see the movie, you just never know. It’s one reason why I see so many movies, including Seventh Son, a film that by its trailer looked like it might be a dud, but one I hoped its cast would be able to save. Sadly, it acted more like an Ambien than a shot of adrenaline. Read Full Review

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