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Write A Novel With Me – Chapter 9

Welcome to the next chapter in our continuing saga. Chapter 9 once again brings us to new territory, as I have split the chapter into two parts. What does this mean for you, my charismatic readers? It means you get to answer not one, but two questions (that are related to each other, of course). It’ll definitely be interesting to see how I craft the story from here, but based on the answer given to Chapter 8’s question, I thought the narrative deserved a change of pace.

Before you begin, if you’d like to see the answer for Chapter 8’s question, “Why won’t the engines start?”, you can find it here. And if you’d like to get caught up on all previous chapters, or simply refresh your memory on what characters we’ve met so far and what they’ve had to go through, check out our extremely convenient cliff notes.

Now, please enjoy Chapter 9 of our story where we find out why the engines wouldn’t start.

Read Chapter 9

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