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Write A Novel With Me Cliff Notes

For everyone who has wanted to join in on the fun of my interactive novel but were late to the party and don’t feel they have time to read all of the chapters — or don’t like the idea of answering the next chapter’s questions without knowing what’s going on — you’re in luck. You can now jump on over to the Cliff Notes page for Write A Novel With Me and learn everything you need to know about the project, including character descriptions, who or what certain items are and what they can do, and of course, brief chapter summaries (including the question posed and the winning answer) with links to the full chapter for your convenience.

This is also a helpful tool for those who have been following the story from the beginning, but may have forgotten a certain aspect or need a refresher on what happened so that you might better answer a particular question.

Check it out and come help write a novel with me.

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