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Movie Mayhem – Taken 3

Prior to 2008, Liam Neeson had only dabbled in high-octane roles that required a lot of physicality, which got him away from the doldrums of period romances and revered dramas. But it wasn’t until the original Taken film premiered that his career trajectory made a complete one-eighty, sending Neeson into the stratosphere of mad-dog action hero (and in-demand voice actor… and comedian? Hey, it works). Since then, Neeson has been stuck delivering what amounts to the same basic character trapped in the same basic scenario — a man pretending to be just another “average Joe” who actually has a secret past and some tremendous “skills” is pulled back into the life he left behind long ago to hunt down some unknown terrorist to save the world (and his family). The films are more often than not released in January (his next film with this premise, Run All Night, debuts in April), and that includes Taken 3, Neeson’s final ride (or so they want you to believe) as Bryan Mills, the beleaguered ex-special forces operative who wants nothing more than a peaceful life with his loving family. Read Full Review

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