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Movie Mayhem – Top Five

Chris Rock has always been a very hit-or-miss comedian. I’ve always liked his voice work in the Madagascar series and when he appears in films that, with the exception of possible improv work during filming, he doesn’t have a hand in writing (such as his roles in The Longest Yard and Lethal Weapon 4), his presence is felt with incredible enthusiasm. But when it comes to his standup act, and those films he writes and directs himself, something always seems to be amiss. I’m not sure if it’s his overall schtick, the way his mind works, or if he allows others to influence his decisions, it’s almost as if he’s unwilling to put as much energy into his craft as he does when he has no stake in the bottom line. His newest passion project, Top Five, hobbles on a similar crutch, feeling too important than it should be and failing to give the film room to just have fun. Read Full Review

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