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Movie Mayhem – The Homesman

Given that the major studios decided to take a break this weekend by failing to offer up one new nationwide release, I had to make a choice: review a film I’d already seen, go check out a major release I had yet to see (and I was not about to waste my money on Dumb and Dumber To) or check out an independent film I probably wouldn’t have seen had it not been for the lack of offerings. (The film I was going to review this week, The Pyramid, only opened in a little over 500 theaters and didn’t make the cut at my local cineplexes). So I decided on the latter, choosing to see Tommy Lee Jones’s directorial debut, The Homesman, a slice-of-life western that piqued my interest mainly because of the stellar cast Jones was able to put together. Unfortunately, even the best cast can’t rise above a mediocre story, no matter how many Oscars they may have won (or have been nominated for). Read Full Review

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