Write A Novel With Me Takes A Holiday

For those hoping for to read chapter 5 of my Write A Novel With Me saga, I’m afraid I must be the bearer of some (minor) bad news. Because of the Thanksgiving holiday this Thursday, I’ve decided to postpone the release of chapter 5 (in which we get to find out where the shadow took Rick) until next Monday, December 1. In the meantime, now’s the chance to get caught up on previous chapters or invite a friend to get involved with the experiment.

Here are links to all of the previous chapters:

Chapter 1: The Proposal (Question: What happened to Sawyer?)

Chapter 2: Sorrow’s Lament (Question: Who is at the Door?)

Chapter 3: A Brother Returns (Question: What happened to Rick and Lauren at the park?)

Chapter 4: The Ultimatum (Question: Where did the shadow take Rick?)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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