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Movie Mayhem – Nightcrawler

When I first saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the underrated drama October Sky, I knew right way he’d be an actor to watch. His ability to capture so many emotions at any one time without reveling in any of them showcased subtle maturity and constant wonderment that has carried over into a varying degree of genres, from science fiction and disaster to heartbreaking drama and popcorn blockbusters. Lately, Gyllenhaal has turned his focus to darker, more complex characters that usually have a slight moral ambiguity as they struggle with their inner demons — the type of character that you probably wouldn’t want to hang out with on a daily basis. He continues this anti-hero psychosis as the lead in the new thriller, Nightcrawler, with an amalgamation of everything he’s done in the past trying to compete for his attention. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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