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Movie Mayhem – Ouija

When it comes to horror movies, I’ve always been more a fan of the paranormal (such as Poltergeist and Stir of Echoes) than the psychotic killer chasing after a bunch of screaming sorority girls, so I expected a lot from Ouija, a film that revolves around a board game that itself is inherently freaky (and has been used in dozens of other supernatural films, including various films with the same title). Like a lot of kids, I had a Ouija board growing up, and though I don’t remember much about the content of playing the game, the experience of participating was always a bit dicey — whether it was not knowing if one of the other kids was deliberately moving the planchette, the energy of everyone’s thoughts was unconsciously pushing it, or if something more was happening — which lends itself well to creating an extremely creepy atmosphere. But when a movie like Ouija asks you to believe in something greater, the extraordinary must be grounded in some type of logic, a step the filmmakers forgot to include among the unoriginal scares. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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