WANWM – Answers For Chapter 1

I’d like to thank those of you who participated in answering the first question for my new interactive writing experiment, Write A Novel With Me. Normally, I would choose the top five answers for you to vote on, but because there were only three answers given for this first chapter, all of them will be up for a vote. As you are considering these three very good choices, make sure to take into account the story thus far and where you would like to see it go. Here’s a link to Chapter 1 if you haven’t yet read it (or would like to reread it before making your decision).

Here was the question:

Here are the answers up for your vote (in order of submission):

1) A robber comes out of the bushes and grabs her purse as well as her new engagement ring off her finger. (It’s still loose because it hasn’t been sized yet.) She takes off her shoes, takes off after the robber and goes Kung Fu on his ass.

2) She gets a phone call from her commanding officer and is given classified information. She is to pack up and tell no one what or where she is going. To get to her destination she had to board a plain, train, and a boat. Her orders were to find an underwater Soviet base. Where they were doing unusual experiments on humans and animals.

3) Suddenly Jaden sees a bright red spot appear on Sawyer’s shirt. She has been shot — by whom or why is unknown.

To vote, use the comment section below, comment on the Facebook post, or use #WriteANovelWithMe on Twitter (and tag @phoenixmoirai) to provide the number of the answer you like the best. You have until 5 p.m. PST on Monday, October 6, 2014. The winning answer will be the basis for Chapter 2. In the case of a tie, I will be the deciding vote.

I look forward to seeing which direction you’d all like to see the story go, and can’t wait to get started on the next chapter.

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