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Movie Mayhem – This Is Where I Leave You

Shawn Levy has been producing (and directing) a mix of comedy and drama for some fifteen years. What he does so well is the way he effectively roots his comedy with an affectionate spirit that keeps his stories and characters from becoming overtly juvenile. In other words, there’s a maturity in the art he produces, a heartfelt passion for the characters and the stories he’s creating that help the audience relate to them on a sophisticated level (even when the films themselves aren’t necessarily great). This innate maturity is on full display in his new dramedy, This Is Where I Leave You, where he infects his world with a family of generally comic actors to deliver a low-key — what I’d like to call, quiet — comedy that utilizes the sensibilities of the actors to generate a loving, honest portrait of a dysfunctional family. Don’t Stop — There’s Plenty More

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